Pitched Roofing Systems

 Concrete Interlocking Tiles

 Natural / Man Made Slate

 Hand Made Clay Peg Tiles

Our Pitched Roofing Expertise

With over 30 years experience of repairing and installing pitched roofing, we are experts in our field. We operate in the commercial and domestic markets and all of our work is fully insured and comes with a 15 year guarantee.

We always advise on the best solution

Our knowledge of pitched roofing means that you are getting the best advice when it comes to installing a new roof or repairing an existing one. We can recommend a solution that is long lasting and attractive that works with the surrounding buildings. Pitched roofing systems we install are:

Concrete Interlocking Tiles

These are the most commonly used tiles today and the chances are that if your house was constructed since the 1970’s, these are the tiles you are likely to have. The roof tiles are attractive and come in a range of colours and finishes in different styles to suit your home. This system makes it simple to repair and replace loose and cracked tiles where necessary. The tiles sit on a breathable felt membrane surface (to aid ventilation and reduce condensation) on treated timber battens for a robust and long lasting solution.

Natural & Man Made Slate Roof Tiles

These are a traditional and attractive pitched system that remains popular, and within conservation areas, they can be necessary. Using modern construction techniques with breathable felt membranes, these roofs can be as robust as modern solutions. Many slate roofs can last over a hundred years, and usually the nails that rot, meaning that the tiles can be recycled.

Hand Made Clay Peg Tiles

An extremely attractive traditional roofing system (particularly in the outlying rural areas of Essex) that is handmade clay in terracotta. These tiles are still in production today, although many people prefer a reclaimed tile that matches their existing roof. We can repair, renew or even install a brand new roof (with the benefits of modern construction techniques) using this system.

Repairs are just as effective

If a repair is all that is required, we are happy to undertake this work as we always endeavour to provide the most cost effective solution for our clients. Please visit our page on repairs for more information.

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